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Birthdate:Dec 7
Location:New Zealand
Hello, I am a LJ Profile page. I am supposed to tell you all sorts of wonderful things about the person who lives at this LJ. Like...that she goes by the online alias of Adia (yes Adia, not Aida and no, not from the Sarah McLachlan song, even though that is a wonderful). The journal is mostly used to squee or fangirl over the latest fandom that I've gotten myself sucked into. And yeah, that happens. I love fandom, even when it does drive me crazy. Current obsessions may include: Harry Potter, Naruto, Bleach, Doctor Who, L.J. Smith, LKH (mostly snark now that LKH has truly gone mad), Supernatural and the Jossverse. I love music and fanfiction and spend far too much time devoted to both pursuits. Oh, and I 'ship like mad.

Other stuff you may encounter - I'm a political animal and tend to make grand rants at least once a month. I like to link jump at Wikipedia and get forget what I was originally looking for. Play video games. And cookies. I like cookies.

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